Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Red Hat Club, Haywood Smith

This is a funny and delightful story of friendships that last.

Set in Atlanta, the girls origonally meet in a high school 'gang' called the Mademoiselles. Georgia and Susu knew eachother from the age of 4, Teeny, Diane and Linda met them on the first day of the Mademoiselles. As they get older they join the Red Hat Society, wearing their red hats and purple clothes at the monthly meet.

At one of these meetings, they discover that Diane has found that her husband is cheating on her. Financially and with a mistress; this woman is housed in a condo brought with their retirement fund! The girls put into action a plan to cut him loose, without harming Dianes way of life!

Written from Georgias perspective the story pops back into the 60's and back to present day with ease. We hear about the other characters in the story, and how they fit into the lives of the club. A funny and emotional read, light but intricate!A good read!