Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crocodile on the Sandbank, Elizabeth Peters

This is the first in a series of novels, featuring the adventures of Amelia Peabody.

Amelia Peabody, a 'proper' English lady, decides upon the death of her father to travel. She decides to go to Egypt and visit the Pyramids and tombs. On her way, her original companion falls ill and is sent back to England. In Rome, Amelia finds a new companion in the form of Evelyn. A young woman of good breeding, led astray by a devious lover.

The two women travel up the Nile, and meet the Emersons; two brothers, one at the time of the meeting is very ill. Amelia nurses Radcliffe back to health, and helps the archaeologist with his works. As they uncover finds, the mystery begins!

I found this an enchanting read! It was not soppy and slushy, nor was it gruesome! Normally I would not have picked this genre, but thanks to reading about it here, I have the second book waiting for me at the library! Not only do we read about the lovely Amelia, but we also read about the Egyptian lives, and ways.

A very good read! Light and bright!

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Marg said...

Hi Pat! Are you going to be reading more in the series?