Sunday, August 12, 2007

Encarnita's Journey, Joan Lingard

The majority of this is set in Spain, telling the story of Encarnita. Born to Pilar in Yegen in 1920, Encarnita learned to live life with little. She ran barefoot around her village, drank milk from her goat and her mum was given eggs for services rendered. They lived a simple life. Then a visitor came to stay. This was an Englishman by the name of Gerald Brennan, or Don Graraldo as the locals called him.

Pilar looks after Encarnita until her death, when Encarnita is 15 years old. Encarnita has seen her friend become a mother to a daughter, by Don Geraldo. However, Don Geraldo never looked at Encarnita in that way. He taught her some English, and gave her books to read. A friend of his drew her and her goat and gave the picture to her. When Pilar dies, an event happens that encourages Encarnita to start on her journey. She walks with her goat to to the coast, to find her uncle.

This is a tale of love, hardship, and happiness. Encarnita is a strong person, her life full of events, trials and tribulations! She lives her life, in troubled times. Her story tells about the Spanish side of the war, how it affected their lives in remote Spain.

I found Encarnita's Journey a really good read. I would recomend it.

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